Supermarket guided tour by SKY Group

We are foreign language volunteers belonging to the Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation. There are 10 units in the foreign language volunteer group. One of them is called “SKY”, which is a Multicultural Connection Unit (SKY & LINK).
SKY members provide a “Supermarket Shopping Guide” volunteer activity in English and easy Japanese for foreign residents who have just arrived in Sapporo. Have you gotten used to living in Sapporo for the first time? If you still have questions about Japanese foodstuffs and daily necessities, we will accompany you to the supermarket and guide you. If you are already settled in Sapporo, we can accompany you to the supermarket to show you seasonal Japanese foods and daily necessities if necessary. Please do not hesitate to apply for this service, as we will adjust the date and time after receiving your request.

Please send your application to: